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How To Make Your Face Look Smaller

Q: Will long hair make my face look smaller? If it doesn't, what hairstyle do I need to make my face look smaller?
A: Long hair does not necessarily make the face look smaller. However, it can emphasize the vertical lines of the silhouette and help to elongate the look of the neck and face. If you feel that your face is too large, what you want is a style that will help to create some measure of balance.
face framing haircut
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This means that you need a style that has volume in an even distribution around the face. Add height or width to the style as needed based on the shape of the face to help keep the overall oval appearance, but make sure the volume is sufficient throughout to give the face a sense of balance and being in-proportion to the rest of the body.
Another thing that can help is layering around the face, so that the hair brushes gently and frames the face more closely. You may need to keep these layers light and diffuse, so as not to make the face appear crowded as well as overlarge.
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