Buzzed Napes

Female haircut with a buzzed nape
Haircut with a buzzed nape - Photo: Shutterstock
Q: I used to see a lot of buzzed napes for girls in the 80s. Do you think buzzed nape hairstyles will ever be in fashion again?
A: You can never really predict what former trends from previous eras will re-emerge in modern fashion. A buzzed nape hairstyle could easily come back into style in the mainstream, but it would probably take a popular celebrity to set the trend.
Most of our fashion trends come as a result of exposure through our visual media - television and movies - particularly the celebrities of these media. As an example, all you need to do is take a look at the success of the television show "Friends" and then look at the number of young women (and women in general) who soon sported razor-cut, long-layered hairstyles.
Our ideals of what is and isn't hot or trendy, have always been influenced by the rich, powerful or successful people of the world. In the earlier times of American culture, hairstyles that were designed for wealthy influential people were often copied (at least partially) by people of lower social and economic standing as a means of feeling that they, too, were equals.
However, it should be noted that buzzed nape hairstyles are still in evidence among some members of the Goth and Cyber-goth communities, who favour dramatic, ultra-modern styles, usually in striking colors. I don't think it's likely that buzzed-nape styles will resurface in the mainstream fashion from these arenas.
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