Buzzed Napes

Female haircut with a buzzed nape
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Q: I used to see a lot of buzzed napes for girls in the 1980s. I was a teenager at the time and I didn't have the courage to cut my hair like this, and my parents probably wouldn't have allowed it, but I admired my friends who did and who actually looked pretty with their super short hair.
Now that I'm older, I regret not doing it then. But maybe it's not too late. Do you think buzzed nape hairstyles will ever be in fashion again?

A: You can never really predict which past trends will resurface in modern fashion. A shaved nape hairstyle could easily become popular again, but it would likely require a popular celebrity to set the trend.
Short hairstyles with a buzzed nape provided women with a break from the long, heavy hair that was prevalent in previous decades. The 1980s embraced a more liberated approach to personal style, and women were eager to defy traditional notions of femininity. Shorter cuts not only offered relief during the hot summer months but also required less maintenance and were easier to manage in the fast-paced lifestyle of the 1980s.
A significant factor in the popularity of short hairstyles with a shaved nape was the influence of celebrities. The 1980s was an era marked by music icons, movie stars, and television personalities who captivated the public's attention. They not only embraced these bold cuts but also showcased them on red carpets and magazine covers. Their impact was profound, inspiring countless girls and women to emulate their fearless style.
The rise of androgyny in fashion during the 1980s contributed to the appeal of these short hairstyles. Women sought to blur the boundaries between traditional gender roles and experiment with their own sense of identity. Short haircuts with a buzzed nape offered a gender-neutral aesthetic, allowing women to embrace a more androgynous look and defy societal expectations.
You should also consider the practicality of these hairstyles in the context of the professional world. The 1980s witnessed a significant increase in the number of women entering the workforce and pursuing careers outside the home. Shorter hairstyles were seen as more professional and efficient. The shaved nape added a touch of uniqueness to these cuts, setting them apart from more conventional short hairstyles of the time.
Short hairstyle with a buzzed nape or neckline for women
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Advancements in hairstyling techniques and products during the 1980s played a crucial role in the popularity of short cuts with a buzzed nape. Electric clippers made it easy for stylists to achieve precise and clean shaved nape designs. Additionally, the availability of styling products like gels, mousses, and hairsprays allowed women to create many different looks with their short hair.
Fashion is an ever-evolving aspect of our lives, influenced by trends that come and go. However, there is a special appeal in reviving certain elements from the past and incorporating them into our present lives. If you truly desire to cut your hair short with a shaved nape, don't wait for it to become officially fashionable again. Nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable to be unique and create your own style. Find a creative hairdresser, don't be afraid to incorporate elements from the 1980s into your look, and who knows, maybe you will become a trendsetter yourself.
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