Swoop Bangs

Medium length hair with side bangs
Image: AI illustration
Q: Will swoop bangs look good with any face shape? My face is round and I have shoulder-length hair.
A: Swoop Bangs, also referred to as side-swept bangs, sweep bangs, swoopy bangs, swoop fringe, side-bangs and side-fringe, all refer to bangs which are cut and styled to be drawn across the forehead in a sweeping angle.
The nature of their design makes them ideal for drawing focus away from problematic or too-prominent features (sharp noses, prominent brows, etc.) but the fact that they can be of virtually any length means that they can work with a wide range of face shapes.
The secret will be keeping in mind the needs of the face shape in question, and adapting the swoop bangs to fit in with those needs. For instance, if the individual's face is round, you will want to have the swoop bangs generally longer, or at least with a steep angle of declination to create a more-vertical focus and generate an illusion of length in the face.
The reverse is true with narrow faces that need to appear broader. By having a shorter swoop bang that angles less, you generate a horizontal line and give the eye a widening focus.
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