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Razor Bob

Q: What is a razor bob? I am petite, have straight hair and a square face. Would this style look good on me? Thanks.
A: A razor bob is, simply, a bob haircut that is created using a razor tool. The overall effect is a very soft look without the typical sharp angles created in a bob haircut. As to whether or not this style would look good on a petite woman with straight hair and a square face, the answer has to be that it depends on the length of the cut and the way in which the finished haircut is styled.
razor bob
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Frankly, I think it might make a nice style for the woman in question, particularly if the cut is styled with some volumizing and lift-producing techniques, as well as being styled to accentuate the smooth curving inherent in this kind of cut. Remember that with a square face the goal is to create softness and roundedness in order to give the appearance of a more oval face shape.
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