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Pixie Gamine Haircut

Q: I have thick, coarse, wavy hair that is currently right above my shoulders. I have a very loose perm since my natural wave is too in between straight and curly for my liking. I would like to have it cut very short, like a pixie-type style. Is that a good cut for my type hair? If not then what would be the shortest style I could get away with?
A: Given what you describe, and how I envision your hair looking, I think you should be well-pleased with a pixie-cut, provided that the style is suited to your face and build.
You should always remember that choosing a hairstyle that flatters requires considering a large number of factors. These include not only the hair's texture and wave pattern, but also its density. It also requires consideration of the face shape, the balance of features, and the overall build and body type of the individual. We have an article that you may find helpful and you can view it here. (The article offers links to related articles on hairstyle selection.)
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Assuming that you are of average build, with an oval face, I think you would be very pleased with a pixie-style gamine haircut. Such cuts are often very fun and have much lower maintenance requirements than longer hairstyles. The cut also tends to work well with your hair's wave pattern to give a textured look that can be styled to give some variety to your hairstyle. You can style it smooth for a sleeker, more sophisticated look, or jazz it up with styling gels and pomades to give it some playful wildness.
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