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Style for Limp Hair

Q: I have a very small face, a pear shape, a small chin, a very small mouth, a skinny neck, a small frame and full hips. I have long straight hair with bangs. My widow’s peak makes my bangs fall forward and straight even after curling and spraying. I have permanent wrinkle lines on my forehead so “no bangs” is out of the question. My hair does not hold curls long, but looks limp when straight. It is non-layered.
My hair, I have been told, grows forward, so naturally falls into my face. I have to wear it at least partially pulled up. I have also been told my hair is "beaded". Each individual strand is not smooth. If not washed daily, or at least every other day, it looks very greasy around the forehead. I would like to try a medium to short style, but I’m afraid of being "stuck" with it if I don't like it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A: I wish I could make suggestions for you regarding what you should do with your hair, but I can’t make any kind of realistic assessment based on such a limited text description. And, before folks start sending in pictures in order to get make-over suggestions, I can’t start doing this kind of critique and evaluation in this forum. I need to confine my responses to answering questions on specific problems or to issues faced by a spectrum of readers.
rear view of limp long hair

But I’ll give a couple of ideas based on the issues you list. These suggestions would work for most women with these issues.
You specify that your hair doesn’t hold curl long and looks limp when it’s styled straight. Perhaps you should talk to your stylist about having a large-curl perm (or body wave) performed to add some volume and body to the hair. Combined with a little layering, you could significantly change the basics of your look. This can also help with the oily look that you tend to develop.
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