Jaw Line and Cheekbones

Chin length bob to accentuate the jaw and cheekbones
Photo: Depositphotos
Q: I want a hairstyle that draws more attention towards my jaw line and my high cheekbones. Would a chin length bob be a good choice?
A: Yes, a chin length bob would be a good call. A chin length bob accentuates the jaw line and cheekbones because the fall of the haircut follows your facial silhouette. The length of the bob flows along the natural outlines of your face, thus exaggerating the lines of the jaw and cheekbones.
For maximum effect, I would suggest an inverted bob. The inverted bob is cut shorter at the back, with progressively longer "points" that frame the face. Ask the stylist to incorporate a slight undercut with the inverted bob, so that the tips of the bob curl very slightly inward. This will create that polished, chic inverted bob which follows the exact profile of your face.
It usually also adds that extra appeal when you color the inverted bob a solid color, for example a solid rich brown, dark red or dark blonde. A solid base color (a hair color without distinctive highlights or lowlights) tends to give a haircut a more distinguishing outline, because there isn't an array of colors in the hairstyle that detracts attention from the actual haircut. A solid color also stands out more drastically against the skin, which means that the outline of the cut is more fluid and focused.
If you have highlights in your hair, you can ask the stylist to color the bottom half of your hair a medium brown color. This will intensify the outline of the cut, as well as add an attractive element of dimension and movement to the hair color. For the full effect you should tuck one side of your hair behind your ear and leave the other side framing your face. This opens up the actual outline of the facial profile, while the other side shows off the seamless outline of the haircut.
Your other option is to go for a pixie cut. Ask the stylist to cut the hair short at the back and sides, while leaving wispy and side-swept bangs and a little more length on top of the head. Have a look at pictures of Elsa Pataky, Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley to get a better idea of this. The whole cut should be intensively texturized with a razor or thinning scissors to give it that soft foxy look. Pay close attention to how the stylist styles the hair, and what products he or she uses.
A solid base color with lots of highlights in the bangs looks absolutely breathtaking with a pixie. Pixie cuts work well to accentuate the jaw and cheekbones because the silhouette of the face is completely exposed, leaving nothing to distract one's eye from following the outline of the cheekbones and jawline. If you have a long, pretty neck, this style will also accentuate the outline of your neck, collarbones and shoulders.
Women tend to be wary of the pixie cut, because it's not really a mainstream style when compared to the social popularity of longer hairstyles on women. But when utilized correctly, the pixie cut can be an immensely powerful and feminine style.