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Short Hair and Attracting Boy's Attention

Q: I work out and swim a lot and I'm thinking of cutting my hair pretty short (a pixie). Will boys stop looking at me when my hair is short? How can I make sure I attract their attention, even when I no longer have my shoulder long hair?
A: My guess is that you'll have no more problems attracting the boys' attention with short hair than you did with longer hair. I make this assessment based on two things:
First, there are many women who have short hair and find themselves undiminished in the areas of attraction. In fact, many of these women have found that the shorter styles have enhanced their appeal in periods where the norm is long hair and involved styling. Actresses like Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Mena Suvari and Natalie Portman have all sported gamine-short styles and found their attractiveness enhanced rather than diminished. In these cases, the look is different, and exotic, and creates its own mystique.
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The other reason for the belief that shorter hair won't affect your attractiveness has to do with the fact that it isn't your hair's length that makes you attractive. In truth, it is the way you feel about your hair. If you have long hair that you feel makes you attractive, then you exude that confidence and act in myriad subtle ways to BE attractive.
Therefore, if you choose a short style that you like and makes you feel good about yourself (and always work with your stylist to make sure you flatter your features to the best potential) then your attractiveness will never fail you. In fact, you'll very likely find that you stand out even more than those around you who are following the "norm".
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