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A Bob for Baby Fine Hair

Q: I have baby fine hair. Would a bob cut be a good idea or will it miss the "weight" to look good and to style it smooth?
A: Whether or not your "baby-fine hair" will have enough weight to look good in a bob cut, depends on the length of the cut. Obviously, since the hair is fine (meaning small in diameter) it's going to be more flexible and generally won't need as much length to weigh it down. The real determiner will be the hair's wave pattern. The more body and curl the hair has, the more length will be needed to allow the hair to hang properly.
bob haircut
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If the hair is very curly - even if it is baby fine - you risk developing the flared ends creating a pyramid effect when cutting a bob hairstyle. Of course, the plus side is that with fine hair, it is often much more easily styled with a flat iron to create smooth, straight lines.
If you find yourself needing to use a flat iron to create the straight lines for your bob cut, remember to use care when heat styling fine hair textures. Fine hair is more easily damaged by overheating and needs special care and protective products to keep from burning or drying the hair out.
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