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Limp Hair

Q: I got my hair cut into a one-length bob and now my hair looks very limp. Would layers and maybe graduation at the back make it look less limp?
A: It could. When the hair looks limp, it generally needs some product to give it a little volume and structure. That being said, adding layers will take some of the weight off the hair and allow it to rise better on its own.
graduated bob
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You also want to make sure that the products you use are light in weight and provide enough structure to give the hair the volume to help it look fuller. Use a shampoo for body and a volumizing mousse when styling, and lift the hair at the scalp to maximize the root lift.
Make sure to keep your layers smooth, and gently graduate them in the back of the head. There's nothing worse than a graduated bob that looks "clunky" in its execution.
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