Grow Out Short Hair Styles

Back view of a short hairstyle
Q: I've had my hair short (but different styles) for almost 7 years now. Now, (I'm almost 22) I’ve decided to let it grow. The last haircut I had was something like Winona Ryder's hair in Girl Interrupted. It’s been like 4 or 5 months since I stopped cutting it, but I've trimmed it a little. Right now, my hair is shapeless and uneven.
The hair on the back side is longer than the bangs or the sides, and I can’t get the ends straight; they just flip up even after I use the flat iron. The average length of my hair right now is a little below my earlobe. I want to know if I should have a cut to even all my hair, or if I just need to let it continue growing, even though I hate it so much because it has no style.

A: If it’s any consolation, you are experiencing a problem faced by every woman (and man) who has attempted to grow out their short hairstyles to a longer one.
Inevitably, the hair must progress through ‘shapeless’ and ‘unflattering’ stages in the growing-out process. It’s usually at these stages that the individual decides to give up on the goal of a long hair style.
The advice I usually give to my clients who are looking to grow their hair out to a longer style is to look through magazines for hairstyles that are of varying lengths, ranging from slightly longer than his or her current length, to approximately the length he or she desires as the ultimate goal. Once you find three or four styles that are flattering to your face shape and features you can use them as “mile markers” in the growing out process.
Talk with your stylist. He or she can show you hair books that will help you find a wider variety of hairstyles and will give you a chance to choose appropriate length styles. The stylist can also help you to choose and implement these “transition” styles and modify them slightly as the hair grows out. This will help you avoid prolonged periods spent in the stage you are currently in where the hair is shapeless and unappealing.
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