Growing Out Layers

Long hair with layers
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Q: My hair is currently cut into long layers, and I'd like to get it back to being all one length. How can this be accomplished?
A: As with growing out bangs, this is another of those 'you've got to let it grow' cases that can take years to achieve the results you seek. The key here is to minimize the need for trimming the upper layers. A gentle cleansing regimen with a good conditioner is vital. The more you prevent damage to your hair, the less frequently it will need to be trimmed.
After that, it's just a matter of shortening the angle of the haircut, by keeping the bottom of the hair trimmed to a stable length. Some women opt to let the layered style grow out to the point where they can have it cut to a medium length with much shorter layers, and then let it continue to grow until it can be cut again to uniform length.
For women who don't mind making dramatic changes in their hairstyle, this is always a fun option. But for those who prefer a more subtle shift in their style, you can simply let the hair grow and have it trimmed every 8-12 weeks to keep the bottom edge of the hairstyle stabilized and to absorb the upper layers as they grow out.
Depending on the difference in length between the uppermost and bottommost layers, this can take quite a long time.
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