Head Wounds and Hair Growth

Empty hair patches
Q: I had got wounds in my head during my childhood, and since then my hair is very thin and there are empty patches in my head with no hair. Isn't there a way that I grow thicker hair in those spots using homemade formulas or others?
A: I'm sorry to say that you are unlikely to find ANY means short of surgery to relieve the situation you describe. I presume that when you say "wounds" you are referring to a condition or injury that left scar tissue in the skin and damaged the hair follicles irreparably.
If these patches of scalp are incapable of growing hair, there isn't any "home remedy" or "homeopathic" means to force them to do so to my knowledge. I would honestly be very wary of anyone who made such claims.
As a hair stylist, I am not licensed to offer you what is clearly medical advice. I simply suggest that based on what you describe as your situation, that the problem is one only likely to be resolved via a medical solution.
Perhaps you should speak to you doctor or dermatologist about the options available to you. These could include minor surgical procedures to expand the scalp area upon which your hair does grow and removing the non-growing section and merging the sides of the removed area(s).
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