Double Crown

Double crown
Q: What is a double crown?
A: Most individuals have a specific growth pattern at the crown area of the head. This is the area of the skull where the head begins to curve downward to the back of the head.
In a typical individual there is a single point at which the hair appears to radiate outward in a circular or semicircular pattern. The growth pattern may not be specifically circular, but the growth pattern is usually apparent.
In some cases, an individual will have a "double crown" where there are two separate and distinct points surrounded by growth patterns. These are usually side by side evenly spaced at the back of the head.
A double crown creates a problem for hairdressers because the hair must be cut in such a way as to accommodate both of the growth patterns yet still create a flattering style for the individual. If the hair is cut too short over these growth patterns, you can find yourself with untamable hair that sticks out at odd angles from the head.
You must consider the hair's texture, density and wave pattern as well. Often, chemical texture services can help in dealing with a double crown by helping to cover the growth pattern and redirecting the hair in order to obscure the double crown.
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