Difference Between Male and Female Hair

Male and female hair
Q: Would you please tell me what the difference is between male hair and female hair? Why is women's hair soft and shiny and more beautiful compared to men's hair?
A: Believe it or not - there is no difference between male and female hair. Men usually keep their hair short so you can't always tell what true shine or texture they have. If men had long hair, you would see that they have just as many variations in curls, wave, shine, and texture as women do.
Another difference you may notice is that men usually use styling products that have a more matte finish or a dull polish whereas women use softening products that show off their shine.
Even longer men's styles are grittier and more masculine looking on purpose. Imagine Brad Pitt with long hair that was blown out and curled with a curling iron. His hair would look gorgeous, but he would look absolutely ridiculous!
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