Hair Growth Patterns

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Q: I recently went to get my hair cut and my hairdresser noticed that the right side of my hair is all curly and the left side is as straight as a board. What could be the cause for it, and what do I do for it? Thanks.
A: Assuming that all things are equal and that your hair is healthy and in good condition, you may simply be one of many people who have unusual growth patterns in the hair of the scalp.
There are individuals who have curly and straight hairs growing interspersed with one another. There are those who have mostly curly hair, or mostly straight hair, and have a single patch of the hair that grows differently. Usually, the differences aren't dramatic, but they can be.
However, sometimes one part of the scalp is exposed to more stresses from the environment and styling than the rest of the head and the hair will behave differently as a result. For example, a person who always sleeps on one side yet is a restless sleeper may find that his or her hair seems to be frizzy on one side only. This is because of the friction of the hair against the fibers of their pillow case.
In your case, you should ask yourself if there is any correlation between your daily routine and having the hair display two different wave patterns on the sides of the head. If you can't think of a logical cause and effect situation, perhaps it is simply natural for you to have these different wave patterns.
As for what to do, you can always style your hair to match whatever wave pattern you choose. If you want the hair curly all over simply style it to be that way using roller sets, curling irons or if you prefer a longer-lasting result, a permanent wave. You can do the same with styling the hair to be straight by using a blow-dry technique, flat ironing or chemical straighteners.
Aside from styling efforts, just make sure to keep your hair healthy, clean and in good condition. Shampoo the hair when it becomes soiled, condition it every day, and use protective products to keep the hair safe when using heat styling appliances.
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