Different Color Hair Growth

Pixie cut with varying hair pigmentation
Q: I have Black hair and it is generally pretty short about 3/4 of an inch. But as it grows out to about 1.5 inches, some of the hair on the front turns a light brown color. It is not apparent at the root but about half way out my black hair turns light brown.
I have no idea what is causing this. I generally use gel in my hair daily. Do you guys have any suggestions on what could be causing this? Can you guys provide me with more information or where I could find some information on this problem?

A: Well, your situation could be a matter of a simply pigmentation aberration in one area of the scalp (like a birthmark), or it may be a matter of the hair in that area being more porous and the color lightening from exposure to the sunlight or other UV sources. It could also be a matter of styling damage, depending on the nature of the color change and the condition/texture of the hair I that area.
My first suggestion is to consult your local stylist or barber to get his or her take on the situation, and if they feel it would be wise, consider consulting a dermatologist to make sure you aren't experiencing some other cause for the color shift. The reason I seem to be non-committal is that without being able to physically examine your hair and scalp, I can only make a guess as to what might be a likely cause.
I know there are normal genetic variances (like birthmarks) that can cause a different hair color to grow in the areas affected. In fact, I went to school with a pair of brothers who had identical white patches in their hair although they were years apart in age and had different colors of hair normally.
Unless you are experiencing any irritation or pain in the area, I don't see any cause for worry. And if you want a uniform color of your hair, you can simply use a permanent haircolor to cover the discolored area.
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