Hot Rollers How To

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hot Rollers
Q: How can I put hot rollers in my hair?
A: In most cases, a hot roller set comes complete with clips for securing the rollers in place. Here's the basic use of hot rollers for best results.
You start with clean, dry hair. This means that if you have just shampooed and conditioned the hair, or the hair is wet, you need to fully dry the hair first. You can make sure to the hair is dry by either blow-drying the hair after shampooing, or by making sure to give the hair time to air-dry before you need to style it with your hot rollers.
It is important to note that in many cases, the hair will hold a curl much better if you use a styling product before blow-drying (or air-drying) the hair. The product will add some needed texture to the hair and give you longer lasting curl.
Once you are ready to use the hot rollers, turn on the heating/storage tray and wait until the rollers are heated properly. Some hot roller sets come with an indicator on the heating unit or the rollers themselves, and others will have a specific amount of time you need to allow for heating before the rollers are ready.
Once the rollers are ready, you can simply wrap segments of the hair around the heated rollers and secure them into position with the clips or fasteners provided. Allow the rollers to stay in place until they cool completely.
The heat of the rollers will break the physical side bonds of the hair and as the rollers (and the hair) cool down again the side bonds will reform into the curled shape created by wrapping around the roller. As with any rollers, a smaller tool will create tighter curls and larger tools will create softer curls.
I hope this helps.
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