Hair not Staying in Curlers

Woman who is putting curlers in her hair
Photo: Kletr/Shutterstock
Q: When I use my curlers, my hair won't stay in them - I have the {brand name deleted} curl press ones and they're really good when my hair stays in them, but most of the time it slides out?
This leaves me really frustrated and I don't understand why it's doing it. Curling my hair naturally doesn't work because my hair is naturally straight but I thought with curlers it would be better?

A: It sounds like your hair's natural straightness and smoothness is working against you. You may want to try using a little hairspray to give the hair more traction as you roll it. This should help your hair hold more to the curlers.
You may also need to adjust the clip placement when you roll the hair, so that the clips actually support the curler more. If you still have problems, consider getting a selection of large-jaw butterfly clips to use for holding the curlers in place.
Butterfly clips should give you the hold you need, but can be a little cumbersome if you tend to continue dressing while your hair is in curlers. Be sure to get clips that are heat resistant (made from hardened plastic) to avoid melting from the heat of the curlers.
Finally, if the heated rollers curl your hair, you could also use a wet set (or damp set). Use soft rubber rollers and wear them overnight to curl your hair. Be sure to wrap the rollers in a scarf to avoid friction and ensure a smoother curl.
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