The Little Black Dress

Women wearing a little black dress
Photo: Kamil Macniak/Shutterstock
The little black dress or simply the LBD is the true superstar in any woman’s wardrobe. It is multitalented, it is sexy, suave, stylish and sophisticated and to top it off it could squeeze with ease into your budget.
So the question is not what the LBD can do for you, the question is what you can make your LBD do for you! The answer would be: anything that the most imaginative bit of your imagination can conjure up. Let’s see…
Some basic guidelines to make your little black dress work wonders for you:
• The LBD needs your help so don’t leave it all alone. Invest in some accessories to go with it, try to assemble your wardrobe around the LBD.
• Do not ignore the importance of a good hairdo and make up to go with your LBD. They can work wonders with the simplest of LBDs. E.g. smoky grayish eyeliner and enhanced use mascara emphasize the seductiveness of black.
• Invest in a pair of trendy pumps, which are proportionate to your hem.
• Use scarves, stoles or shawls to splash some colorfulness into your outfit. Black enhances the effect of bright colors.
Now let’s explore some of the LBD possibilities,
The little black dress for the office:
• Layer the LBD over a plain white collared shirt, or go for a stylish bow-tie blouse, or even a slim-fit turtleneck; et voila you are the boss.
• Put on a cropped or a plaid blazer over your LBD. Then couple this classy ensemble with a pair of pearl earrings and some redness on your lips. This is power with more than a dash of sex appeal, ooh la laaa some heady cocktail! The best part about this: after work, take of the blazer and you are ready to bowl over your man!
The little black dress for the chic chikita
• A simple knee length LBD paired with a trendy, embellished yellow belt. Finish of the look with the equally trendy high heeled peep toe shoes. As chic as it gets.
• A smooth satin and short little black dress, good six inches above the knees with a funky little purse in your hands. Simple yet chic.
The little black dress for the style diva:
• An off shoulder LBD with a slightly reduced neckline, with big chunky ethnic looking neckpiece. Finish off with purple high heels and a matching purple satin scarf tied on your waist. Get ready to be the centre of the universe!
• Pair the LBD with a colorful scarf, black sheer leggings, trendy booties and a blue denim jacket. Clutch on to a small handbag with matching design as the scarf. A stylish black beret on your head, and they will mistake you for une fille française!
The little black dress for the ‘bad’ rocker girl
• Slip in your LBD and put on a stylish leather motorbike jacket, sturdy leather boots up to the knee, a bunch of silver bangles, and top up with a pair of futuristic shades and panther faced silver studs for your ears. You are ready to kick some serious butt.
The little black dress for the ladies’ brunch
• The LBD, a grey chunky sweater with a wide black belt and metallic flat shoes to finish. Let’s go for that brunch!
The little black dress for the night out
• Just the LBD with a pair of fishnet stockings, sassy stilettos and dangling ear rings.
• Try some funky accessories with a regular spaghetti LBD…a violet silk bow tie, a top hat, a little fake fur cape, or fluorescent fingerless gloves.
So you see the term Little Black Dress is actually a misnomer, an irony, for there is nothing little about this rock star. It is a timeless, all season, all occasion, evergreen (rather everblack!) piece of clothing. The above examples are just a drop of fuel to fire away your imagination, for the possibilities are countless. A bit of creativity, a touch of ingenuity and thou shall shine in black.