How To Use a Hair Doughnut

Hair doughnuts
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Q: How do you make a bun using a hair donut (hair doughnut)?
A: A "hair doughnut" is a simple styling accessory that is usually made of some form of nylon netting or foam and is designed to allow the item to be turned inside out as you "roll" the center to the outside edge.
The tool looks like an oversized, scrunchie-type ponytail holder. Its design and materials allow it to gently grip the strands of hair and to wind them around the "torus" shape creating a tight, neat bun.
The material generally offers some elasticity, which means that it can be placed around the hair that is gathered and then its material grips the hair as it is turned inside out and the hair is wrapped around the loop from the inside out.
Hair donut how to
The doughnut should be slowly turned (like a steering wheel) as you "roll" it so that the hair winds around the outside of the torus shape. The elasticity of the tool will often make this much easier to accomplish. Once the hair is completely wound onto the doughnut, you can use hairpins to secure it in place and add adornments as desired.
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