Make Eyes Look Bigger

Short hair cut with bangs
Image: AI illustration
Q: I have small eyes, and I would like them to look bigger without applying make-up. What haircut will make my eyes look bigger?
A: Typically a haircut that draws the focus of attention to the upper portions of the head is great for making the eyes appear more prominent. These haircuts include shorter pixie-style haircuts, and many cuts that feature a fringe (bangs).
Given that you want to make your eyes appear larger, I would recommend either a short hairstyle or a low-volume style with wispy bangs. Thick, blunt bangs will only overpower the smaller eyes. The bangs should fall to the eyebrow line, but not below it.
You can also use a curved line in the bangs and extend the sides of the bangs area to create a framing effect around the eyes. This obscures the rest of the face and thereby makes the eyes seem larger in comparison.
The big thing to be aware of in the specifics of the hairstyle is that small eyes are usually made to look smaller by the amount of face around them. A hairstyle that is high in volume or pulls back from the face – particularly around the forehead – only serves to make the area around the eyes appear larger and diminishes the look of the eyes.
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