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Hair Tips for Looking Younger

      I am constantly being asked about ways to make women look younger by changing their hairstyle. I try to advise these petitioners as best I can, but when I suggest some things that I feel are key issues for them, I can see them immediately start shutting down. You see, they don’t really want to have to change anything about their look, they want a “quick fix”.
Hairstyle that makes women look younger       They want me to recommend a new product or color formula or styling trick that will suddenly make them look 10 or 20 years younger. The fact is that if I could do that, I would be sitting in a mansion in some fabulous place with staff to cater to my every whim, while I dispensed my magical droplets of wisdom upon those willing to lavish me with the money necessary to maintain said lifestyle.
      Of course, that is an absurd notion, but so is the idea of a “quick fix” to de-age you. The aging process is a cumulative and progressive thing, with myriad factors that all add up to the way we all look right now. Those fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes got their start back when you were young and thought you were impervious to everything.
      I have a cousin who was complaining about the way the skin above her breasts seemed kind of weathered and was looking wrinkled and leathery. She asked me what caused it to look that way. I had to remind her of the fact that when she was in High School she and her best friend would spend their summers lying in the back yard sunbathing and slathering their bodies with – of all things – vegetable oil used for cooking. I explained how sun damage is cumulative and what she did was basically turning her skin into leather. (The craftsman who cures and preserves animal skins is called a “tanner”.)
      Of course, there is nothing about styling the hair that will help with this situation, but you can easily help yourself look younger (or at least avoid making yourself look older) by following these simple tips in dealing with your hair:
#1 – Look at Yourself While Standing on Your Head
      I know, I know. The idea that someone wanting to look younger is going to have the wherewithal to stand on her head may seem completely outlandish. But the fact is, that we often become so inured to the way we look that we stop seeing ourselves realistically. Plus, given that aging is a cumulative process, it is so gradual that we don’t notice the changes consciously.
      However, we can break the spell that prevents us from seeing the needs we have due to the changes of aging, and all it takes is a couple of things most people have in today’s technological world. First you need a digital camera with which you will take a few photos of yourself.
      These pictures should show your head from the shoulder up to an inch or two above the top of the head. You should also use a good resolution so that you can zoom in as you need to on different areas of the face. You can have a friend take the pictures for you, or you can do it yourself in your bathroom mirror if you prefer.
      Import the pictures onto your computer using your favorite photo editing software and bring up one that shows your face and head clearly and in focus. Enlarge the image to fill as much of the screen as possible and then rotate the image until it is upside down. Close your eyes, count to ten and then open them and look at the face in the photo.
      Be critical and look at things like the jaw line; (Has it begun to sag? Are you becoming jowly?) And around the mouth and eyes (how deep are the lines and wrinkles in the corners and creases of your face?). Look at the proportions of the facial features and at things like the hairline and even the current color of your hair.
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