Intercoiffure Mondial World Congress 2008

Intercoiffure Mondial hair show
Prestige Shows
Intercoiffure Mondial Team: The Most Beautiful Hair in the World
Intercoiffure Nordic Region: Snow on your Tongue
Intercoiffure Germany: Retro Vintage
Intercoiffure Chile: Arauco
Intercoiffure Austria: Handbags
Intercoiffure Japan: Tokyo Style
Intercoiffure Bulgaria: Stardust
Intercoiffure Brazil: Brazilian Emotions
Intercoiffure Russia: Russia in my Heart
Gala Shows
Intercoiffure Japan: Elegance
Intercoiffure Italy: As Time Comes By
Intercoiffure Brazil: Exotic Show
Klaus Peter Ochs, Intercoiffure Mondial President: Fashion Diamonds
Juniors Show
By the Juniors of the Fondation Guillaume: The Fondation Guillaume meets Samba
Brazil is intensive, breathtaking, thrilling and very charismatic. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s capital of inspiration and zest for life where African, American and European influences intermingle and the world apparently melts together, the elite of hairstylists from 52 countries assembled at the 20th Intercoiffure Mondial World Congress during three days.
A mega summit of the hair-cosmetic world market leader. More than 800 hairdressers, beauty experts and top-managers from the professional hair-care industry came together in one of the most exciting and spectacular cities of the world to celebrate an event of global glamour showcasing 14 outstanding hairfashion shows.
For the opening of the 20th World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Intercoiffure Mondial came with a matchless new appearance: Vision of the Elite – four words illustrating the worldwide rebrandingcampaign.
The one who immerses in the world of Intercoiffure Mondial can feel a masterful creativity, glamorous perfectionism and an exceptional global fashion expertise. As a unique international organization of the best hairstylists all over the world, Intercoiffure Mondial stands for traditional values, never-ending fervour and a visionary comprehension of the craft.
It is a trendsetting exchange of ideas of the international salon elite with always an ambition to Excellence – Beauty as “work of art”. And it is a global networking. Friendship across the borders; free from politics and religion. Fashion is the common language. Chile meets with Japan, Bulgaria with Mexico and France with Uruguay. USA encounters Romania. In Brazil, this is nearly the whole world that got together. Intercoiffure Mondial keeps developing and every year more countries join the organization. Intercoiffure Mondial unifies world powers, creates a harmonious illustration of the nations and gathers a global creative energy: with 5,000 premium salons and 120 million customer contacts per year “We are a world organization”, says Klaus Peter Ochs, President of Intercoiffure Mondial. “We stand for the highest quality from the best hairdressers of the world, together with our powerful industry partners Wella/P&G and L’Oréal. Because sponsoring does not only mean to support with money, but also to achieve commonideas.”
Intercoiffure has a vision. Vision of the Elite! For Intercoiffure Mondial, hairstyling is a sensual action. The innovative hairstyle trends of the world organization are considered as spectacular, trend setting and unique.
The Mondial Fashion Team - the creators of Intercoiffure -, has an effect on all the senses with its brand new collection “The Most Beautiful Hair In The World”. Their fashion is Art with creations showing “affairs of true passion”: long blond hair in the feminine frizzy style. Or “A perfect moment in time”: red-haired, eye-catching curls and dazzling natural power-manes. A tribute to Femininity and the pure pleasure of the joie de vivre. Sensitive, audacious and powerful. Timeless magic: Vision of the Elite!
This vision is a challenge and in the same time a stimulation to act with ethics and be socially responsible, pass on the best knowledge, support and promote the education of young hairdressers and give a future to the people. Intercoiffure Mondial largely supports the talents of hairdressers.
The Fondation Guillaume, established 26 years ago, together with L’Oréal and Wella, work actively on the education and international improvement of the generation of young hairdressers. The exceptional ability of the youngsters was demonstrated with the fabulous Juniors Show at the Sugar Loaf. A thrilling Samba-Hair-Scenario with experimental fashion design, dramatic “up-do’s” and fun hair sculptures. «The talent of the Juniors and of the Fashion Team of the Fondation Guillaume is immensely big and all their presentations show excellence combined with youth”, says Klaus Peter Ochs. “These young people definitely pave the way for the leading hairdresser-industry worldwide – now and in the future!” Vision of the Elite lives on dynamism, modernity, world open-mindedness and also on a never-endinginput of highest quality.