Brazilian Emotions

  • Short chunky haircut
  • Hairstyle with a short clip around the ears
  • Bold bob for black hair
  • Hair cut up from the collar

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Photo 1 + 2: Gigi! You capture hearts with your eccentric taste! Indeed, a short croppy chunky crown gives sway to the fringe along the collar and the short clip around the ears. The choppy top lies over one side of the face in slanted splices and meets the edged construction around the sides. The dark brunette color has strong patches and lines of red and sections of blonde throughout the coif. If your personality is savvy enough for this look, then you need to get the haircut!
Photo 3: The Egyptian Queen decidedly had thick black hair that was fashioned with a blunt border exhibiting the look of the stout volume along the middle of the hair and the ends that measured around the jaw. The stark edge around the bangs accompanied this triangle cut into a bold bob that became so popular. Although this haircut may look simple, it is a precision hairstyle and should always be done by your professional.
Photo 4: The class act of beautiful beige looks every bit the part when shingled just a ways up from the collar, into the curve to allow for the beginning of the bob that creates into long layers. The flow moves into direct slight angles that fall just below the ears while the bangs topple over from the crown touching the brows. A credible cut that looks stylish every time!
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial