As Time Comes By ...

  • Hairstyle with authority
  • Brushed and rolled back hair
  • Hair up in a bulged halo
  • Marie Antoinette hair style

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Photo 1 + 2: Tell the maid to put out the silver and the chauffeur to bring the Rolls around! The hairstyle in the photo is full of authority with large heavy sections back brushed and rolled back and secured into ample cylinders. A design that reflects true talent of yesteryear. Set your hand to the task to see what you can do!
Photo 3: Bring the model a harp to play, as she looks like an angel with her hair up into a tight fashion allowing the top to have a pouf and the rest of the hair molded into a bulged halo. Only the most creative artists can design hair like marble.
Photo 4: Did Marie Antoinette wear hair that reached for the sky once in awhile? The small rows of curls along the face gave the opportunity to continue the adornment of this masterpiece with white flowers up and down the skyline of the hair. Print this out and put it in your scrapbook to save.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial