The Fondation Guillaume meets Samba

  • Hair brought upward
  • Fantastic hairstyle
  • Castles and knights hairstyle
  • Small crimps of hair

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Photo 1: The masterful expression of dark brunette hair pulled back and brought upward gives the touch of a Greek Goddess, especially when they positioned the curls onto the crown to have the cascades of coils fall upon the models neckline. Roll your hair in vertical settings and place each curl to fall on top of the other.
Photo 2: If our hair had wings, we could fly to other countries without purchasing petro! Two centered small rows of braids begin this fantastic hairstyle that leads to the outlandish hair blossoms on each side of the head. Plenty of back brushing followed by hairspray allows the hair to magnify and display the reddish brown/blonde hair tones.
Photo 3: Take notice, of the brown hair in the shape of a cone, similar to the days of castles and knights. I wonder if Rapunzel wore her long flowing hair in the shape of a cone. The artist carefully brought the hair up into great heights above the crown to allow for the possibility of hairpieces and the long ivory ribbon we see that hangs together with the hair. Weighty bangs are edged to ride over the eyes in this one of a kind portrait.
Photo 4: Hair and more hair! Kinks of small crimps scattered around the edge of the face and a mile high from the rest of the hair! Imagination dares those to enter into the world of fiery fury hairstyles, one that would leave you breathless and one you wouldn't know about unless you had tried for yourself. Scatter your hair, about the air and take a walk on the wild side.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial