Exotic Show

  • Antique hair ornaments
  • Hair standing out from the head
  • Hair in small cylinders of curls
  • Gold headdress

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Photo 1: Heaps of black hair have been amassed into mounds of splitting round curls high on the models head and mussed down into the chambers of layers. Antique white ornaments are attached around the head and hang along the face to accompany the color and description of the delicate bodice. Art comes in many forms and this is one of them.
Photo 2: A cheetah cannot be caught off guard, as it stands proudly in the jungle. With dark brown hair that stands out from her head, our regal model has a mid-sectional part with hair on each side, back combed and sprayed into a gala of curls and donned with orange colored embellishments. A true primal image.
Photo 3: The Queen Bee keeps her hive busy working at her bidding; they all know she is royalty. Small cylinders of curls have been positioned in selective conformations of art with a pearl set inside of each roll and a feather of pearls in the back. Do you hear a buzz?
Photo 4: A tropical setting begets large leaves and eloquent flowers and so it is with the gold headdress of the model whose hair has been intertwined with the attachment in keeping with the illusion of myth. A true Princess of invention.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial