Shampoo Q&A (2)

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Is it okay to shampoo your hair in conditioner?
Is it possible to wash your hair with conditioner only?
Is there a hair gel remover?
Is there anything that can be attached to the neck to wash the hair of elderly people?
Is there any type of shampoo I could use that doesn't make my hair color fade fast?
Is there a product to keep hair clean on a backpacking trip?
I understand there is a shampoo that I might use to lighten hair that is too dark.
My hair feels gummy in a small section on top of my head. Any advice?
My hair has no elasticity anymore after using shampoo with petroleum jelly.
My hair is extremely oily. Can you recommend a shampoo to cope with it?
My hair is oily near the scalp. What can I do?
My short hair is greasy, and my face gets greasy and causes acne.
Our water softener is having a negative effect on my hair. What shampoo would help?
Should I apply clarifying shampoo to the roots of my hair only?
Should I change shampoos on a regular basis?
What are the best shampoos for breakage and dry hair?
What does curl shampoo do? How does it work?
What does pH mean in pH balanced shampoo?
What do I need to look for when I want to use low pH shampoo and conditioner?
What is a good shampoo and conditioner for dry hair?
What is meant by using shampoo and conditioner cost effectively?
What is no poo hair?
What is the best type of shampoo and conditioner to use on colored hair?
What is the best type of shampoo for desalinated water?
What is the best way to remove product buildup besides a clarifying shampoo?
What is the purpose of clarifying shampoo and its ingredients?
What is the right schedule to follow for washing the hair each week?
What shampoo is the best to get rid of dandruff?
What shampoos contain animal fat as an ingredient?
What shampoos contain the chemical that will kill a perm?
Where can I find shampoos that bring out the highlights of natural hair?
Which is the best brand for shampoo and conditioner?
Why do certain hair salons massage your head during shampooing?
Will color enhancing shampoo affect my highlights?
Will shampoo containing silicon smooth your hair or weigh it down?
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