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The Purpose of Clarifying Shampoos

Q: I have a question about clarifying shampoos. Do they dry out your hair more than a regular shampoo? I have really curly frizzy hair and I need help. Is clarifying shampoo a good option and what is the purpose of clarifying shampoo and its ingredients?
Joico clarifying shampoo A: Over time, extra products and minerals in water build up around the cuticle of the hair structure. This results in dull, hard and unmanageable hair. Swimmers and people who use a variety of hair products daily often end up in this situation. The goal of clarifying shampoo is to remove excess build-up around the hair.
It can be a great product, but if used on the wrong type of hair or if used too frequently, it can inadvertently be the cause of dry and frizzy hair. This is because if there is not a sufficient amount of product- or mineral buildup around the cuticle to suffice the use of clarifying shampoo, the shampoo will simply remove the natural oils that your hair produces to keep the cuticle healthy and shiny. Thus, you'll have to ask yourself if your hair is prone to product- of mineral build-up.
Are you a swimmer or an enthusiastic self-stylist? If so, a clarifying shampoo may be your answer. Professional swimmers may have to use a clarifying shampoo once per week. Most people who are prone to build-up around the hair cuticle will only need clarifying shampoo once or twice per month. You should also realize that curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair.
Thus it is possible that your hair is frizzy because of a lack of moisture in the hair structure. If this is the case, clarifying shampoo is a bad idea. I would suggest that you visit a salon and have a stylist do an evaluation on your hair-type, and then purchase the relevant products to clear up your problem.
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