Hair Funnels

Hair funnel
Q: I have a client who cannot position herself in the sink due to physical disability which in turn has caused flooding to the back bar and in turn has rusted and rotted the sink base.
What can be done so we can shampoo her without problems and stop damage besides telling her she can't come in? Are there appliances that can be attached to the neck portion of the sink?

A: While I don't know of appliances that modify your salon sink, I do know that there are products available that are referred to as "hair funnels" that are designed for use with elderly and disabled persons who cannot (or cannot comfortably) be reclined in a standard salon sink.
These items feature adjustable plastic that fits around the head following the hairline and trails to a cone-shaped funnel that hangs into the sink to allow water run-off. You can see sample products by companies Betty Dain and Harriett Carter which are available via online ordering.
I have also seen these products at my local beauty supply store, and I would suggest trying your local supplier first so that you can expedite your acquisition if necessary.
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