Curl Shampoo

Young woman with curly hair
Q: What does curl shampoo do? How does it work?
A: The theory is that these shampoos will make the most of the curl in your hair, but thanks to the magic of advertising (specifically a particular commercial in which a young woman with wavy hair uses the shampoo and suddenly has a head full of bouncy, silky curls) people have come to expect much more from these types of products.
Is there a shampoo out there that will take your hair from straight to curly in one use? NO. However, many of these products do what they do very well. They are meant to add body and volume by stripping away the oils and dirt that can weigh the hair down, and giving some swell to the hair itself to "fluff up" hair that is otherwise lank and lifeless.
If your hair is naturally curly, but has been weighed down by product buildup or is fine and thin in texture, these shampoos can vitalize the curl and give you maximum results.
Most of these shampoos contain volumizing products and deep-cleaning surfactants, along with proteins and moisturizers to help keep the cuticle layer smooth and the hair shiny. And these will help to maximize curl, whether natural, or physically created by styling techniques.
However, if your hair is straight and you use the shampoo as directed, you cannot expect to suddenly find a head full of curls awaiting you after the rinse. You still must style the hair to achieve curl where there was none before.
The good news is that the products will help to make the hair respond better to styling for curl, and are meant to make the hair hold curl longer. The results are dependent on the texture and wave of the hair from the start.
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