Low pH Shampoo and Conditioner

Boy shampooing his own hair with gentle shampoo
Q: I was told my son needs to use low ph shampoo/conditioner. What brands can I use or what do I need to look for?
A: The important things to look for are gentle shampoos such as those for color-treated and chemically treated, or permed, hair. You don't want shampoos that contain tints to help preserve color, but those that are designed to help seal the cuticle and keep colored or chemically treated hair protected and healthy looking.
As for specific brands: Farouk Systems makes CHI Curl Preserve Low pH Shampoo bills itself specifically as "low pH" and is available in many retail outlets and online. You can also look into various products by Coppola under their Keratin Complex line. Their products are listed as low pH, but you should be aware that this line has a more significant price tag.
Photo: Mariia Khamidulin/Shutterstock
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