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Shampoo with Petroleum Jelly

Q: I am white and used a shampoo for women of color and didn't realize the second ingredient was petroleum jelly. As a result, my hair was very greasy so I used a bar of Dial deodorant soap to get it out. It worked to cut the grease, but now my hair is so flat, lifeless and dry. It was very healthy before this incident. Did the Dial soap strip my hair of its natural oils, and if so, can I get the oil back or do I just have to wait for new hair growth? My hair has no elasticity anymore.
A: Actually, what most likely has occurred is that your hair has been coated by the heavy emollients in the soap, as well as the wax used to make the soap solid. What you need is to get yourself a bottle of clarifying shampoo and a good conditioner and use them. The clarifying shampoo will strip off the residue from the petroleum jelly, the emollients from the soap and the wax. The conditioner, used immediately after, will help to restore any moisture and smoothness lost to the clarifying shampoo.
This should bring your hair back to bouncy, healthy life.
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