Hair Gel Remover

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Q: I have been using hair gel in my hair for a few weeks and a hair piece. I decided to wash my hair and ended up with lots of knots and matting.
Is there a product that removes the gel that is still in the hair and will allow me to comb my hair out so that I can style it properly? I guess the real question is if there is a hair gel remover out there.

A: I hope I am misinterpreting, but it sounds as though you are explaining that you have been using hair gel for a few weeks but have only decided to shampoo the hair once. If this is the case, then you are most likely dealing with a LOT of build-up of product in the hair, and would benefit greatly from using a clarifying shampoo.
Clarifying shampoos are formulated to be "stronger" and more alkaline to strip away residues that can be left in the hair by styling products and other sources. Someone who uses a lot of product should use a clarifying shampoo at least every third or fourth shampoo in order to remove product build-up that may still be present after routine shampooing.
If the "few weeks" before shampooing was an error, then you may want to consider the hair gel you are using. Does it contain alcohol? If so, consider switching to one that is alcohol-free. Alcohol can dry out the hair and can lead the tangles and snags in the hair because it raises the cuticle layer and makes the hair rougher. You may also want to consider a strong hold mousse instead of gel, if you think it is the gel that is causing the problem.
Generally speaking, it sounds as though you should make sure that you are not only using a good shampoo, but a good conditioner as well as a detangling spray in order to prevent future problems with tangling and snarls in the hair after shampooing out any product.
Just be sure to keep your hair and scalp clean and your hair conditioned, since long term build-up, or too-infrequent shampooing can lead to scalp irritations and other problems.
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