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Best Brand for Shampoo & Conditioner

Q: Which is the best brand, in your opinion, for shampoo and hair conditioner. My hair is a little oily in the scalp area and a little damaged at the ends, and of course, dyed.
A: While I usually try to avoid making endorsements of specific product brands, I do have my favorites which I prefer to use with my clients and friends. My hesitation to avoid endorsing a brand stems from my belief that there isn't any one BEST product for everybody. People are different, and varied products work better for some than for others.
That being said, I actually like Pantene products. They have recently revised their branding format to simplify the process of choosing the right product. They have created four basic product groups: Color Hair Solutions, Fine Hair Solutions, Medium-Thick Hair Solutions, and Curly Hair Solutions. Within these groups you find specific products to address the needs of these hair types. For example: those with fine hair can find shampoo and conditioner formulas like "Flat to Volume", "Dry to Moisturized", and "Fragile to Strong" as well as styling products and treatments for Fine Hair.
Combining the simplicity of finding the right product for your hair's needs with a proven record of results and product quality, Pantene can be your secret to beautiful hair.
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