Dry Shampoo or Waterless Shampoo

Female backpacker with shoulder-length hair
Photo: Zhukovvvlad/Shutterstock
Q: Hi, I'm going on a backpacking trip around the country in July and most likely wont be able to shower often. I was wondering if there is a product that is made to keep your hair from getting greasy and oily.
A: What you want to look for is a product called "dry shampoo" or "waterless shampoo" or "no-rinse shampoo".
A quick scan on the internet showed products available from makers like Algemarin, Batiste, Oscar Blandi, Rene Furterer and others. Prices range from U.S. $10.00 to U.S. $25.00. You should simply be able to order some from an online venue if you have time.
Otherwise, you can always visit your local drugstore and ask your pharmacist about waterless shampoos. These products were developed primarily as a way to allow those persons too ill to get into a shower to keep their hair clean and oil-free. However, they will work equally well for persons who find themselves away from the convenience of showering facilities.
The two most common varieties of this product include a liquid that contains alcohol and surfactants that remove the oil from the hair and the alcohol evaporates quickly. The other version is an aerosol-propelled powder which absorbs oils and is brushed from the hair.
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