Change Shampoos on a Regular Basis

Woman who is buying a new type of shampoo
Photo: Lakov Fillimonov/Shutterstock
Q: I've always heard that you should change shampoos regularly because they can become less effective. Is this true?
A: Yes and no. It is TRUE that you should change out your shampoo on a regular basis, but not because of any loss of effectiveness on the part of the shampoo. The reason for change is that your hair's natural chemical balance is altered by the shampoo and you'll begin to see a change in the results you get from it.
In the case of moisturizing and conditioning shampoos you can get an eventual build-up on (and in) the hair shaft, which may leave the hair flat and listless after repeated use. Conversely, deep-cleaning or build-up removing shampoos can strip away more than just the product build-up they're designed to remove when used over and over, leaving hair dry and more susceptible to damage.
The best recommendation is to select a couple of shampoo formulas that you like, one that addresses specific problems you may feel need to be addressed, and one that will balance the effects. In other words, if your regular shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo, then use a clarifying shampoo every third or fourth time you shampoo.
And if you use a build-up removing shampoo normally to get rid of the residue from daily styling product, be sure to switch to a moisture-rich formula to maintain the balance of moisture in your hair.
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