Hair Loss Questions (2)

Hair loss when brushing hair
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Is it true that when a man grows his hair long it will cause baldness later on?
Is my hair thinning because of hair loss or is there something else going on?
Is there a hairstyle that can give the illusion of thicker hair?
Is there a way to fix my hair loss and who can I talk to?
Is transplanted hair permanent or can I lose that hair too?
Is there something like seasonal hair shedding?
Is tying the hair back every day the cause of my receding hair line?
My hair breaks and falls out, probably because of medications. What can I do?
My hair is falling out because of medication. Would an elfin cut look good on me?
My mom is going bald. Can hair spray and wearing a towel on her head be the causes?
My testosterone levels are excessive resulting in my hair falling out.
New hairs are starting to pop up after hair loss. What can I do to prevent that they become ingrown?
Once a hair is shed how long is it before it is replaced and comes through the scalp?
Recently I started to lose my hair in patches. What do you suggest?
The side of my hairline is a little off-color. Does that mean I'm losing it?
What are the best ways to care for your hair when you have Lupus SLE?
What hairstyles would make the fact that I'm wearing a wig less obvious?
What is beaded hair?
What is causing my hair loss, the black dye or hormonal changes?
When I wash my hair more than 50 hairs fall when I brush it. What is the cause?
When you are having a hair transplant, where does the donor hair come from?
Why do men lose hair more than women?
Why do men who have lots of body hair have bald heads?
Why is my hair falling out?
Will excessive hair brushing cause my receding hair line to diminish faster?
Will wearing hats make me go bald?
Would dying my hair increase the chance of hair falling?
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