Medications and Hair Fall

Short elfin haircut
Q: Hi- I am a 56 yr. old woman who is on some two very strong seizure medications that over the past year has made all of my hair fall out. It just will start to grow and then, fall out again over and over again. This time it has grown the longest and it's about 1/4". The doctors say it will probably fall out again, but I'm being optimistic.
How long would it have to get to have an Elfin cut and would a cut like that look ok on an older woman? I do have two wonderful wigs that have helped with my confidence, but though my own hair has always been a problem because of fineness and no body. It was my hair. I just would love to have some suggestions and don't know where to turn.

A: I'm sorry to hear of the troubles you have had with your hair because of this medicine.
As for whether a very short gamine cut would look good on an older woman, it depends largely on the shape of your face and prominence of your features. I know many older women who wear their hair very short as a matter of convenience.
That being said, you may need at least one-to-two inches of growth before you can get sufficient length to be able to create a "shape" in your hairstyle. If you can manage to get enough length, you should be able to get a cut that offers a textured look and which will be flattering.
I recommend you speak to your local stylist, though, since he or she will be better able to assess what kind of style would best flatter your face shape.
Photo: Bart78/Shutterstock