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Men and Hair Loss

Q: Why do men lose hair more than women? Men seem to start losing hair at a certain age, while women don't. Why is this?
A: This has to do with male physiology mostly, tempered by the advent of genetic predisposition. Many men are pre-disposed to male pattern baldness which begins to come into play at the end of adolescence. Although, the end of the adolescent phase of development also means that the male body become specialized in its hormone production and use. The hormones effect the rate of male pattern baldness' development.
Specifically, dihydrotestosterone is also called free-testosterone and results in the progression of hair loss in men. Women on the other hand, generally have less testosterone in their systems (else they would be men) and their hormone balances promote other traits that we know as feminine. It's when these balances are off in women that they develop male characteristics.
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