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Tying Hair Back

Q: Is tying the hair back every day the cause of my receding hair line?
A: Unless you are pulling your hair back using a LOT of tension, I'm inclined to say "No". If you are exerting enough tension on your hair to cause the hairs to pull free from the scalp, I feel certain that you would be aware of the situation. You would also very likely see evidence of breakage and stretching of the hair.
A receding hairline is generally caused by the hair being shed. However, if you notice hairs in the ponytail holder or your comb or brush that have scalp tissue on the ends, or if you notice an increasing number of shorter, broken hair strands at the forehead area, then it is reasonable to assume that the loss of hair at the front hairline is a result of your styling techniques.
Hair styled into a tight ponytail

Whenever you pull the hair back, you should make sure to secure it without an excess of tension. You can further prevent tension on the hair by using a shine spray on the hair to help make the cuticle layer smoother.
If you don't have signs of styling damage or damage from tension on the hair, you may want to consider a visit to your doctor to talk with him or her about possible causes for your hair loss. You don't specify your gender, so I can't offer any suppositions as to whether the loss could be related to male pattern baldness. Even so, your physician can help you rule out medical causes for the loss, and offer suggestions and help if the problem proves to have a biological cause.
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