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Hairstyles for Wig Wearers

Q: I am a transgendered female with bad male pattern baldness. I am looking for examples of the sort of hairstyles that would make the fact that I am wearing a wig less obvious.
A: Actually, most hairstyles that include fringe (bangs) are great for wig wearers since they naturally hide the forehead hairline. However, the biggest give-away to spotting a wig isn't usually the hairstyle; it's the type of wig.
There is such a range of wig types available that the cost can vary incredibly with wigs. There are synthetic wigs that may or may not be made from monofilament fibers, natural hair wigs that may be made from animal hair or low-grade human hair harvested in the cheapest manner possible, human hair wigs that are crafted from specially farmed hair that is chemically treated and colored for the purpose of wig-making, and premium wigs that are crafted from hair that grows in the color desired and is purchased from women who grow their hair and sell it.
Obviously, the latter is the most expensive type and these can cost thousands of dollars, but even the less-expensive types of wigs can be good enough to fool most people, if the wig is well made.
One of the newer wig-making advances has brought us what are known as "lace front" (and "full lace") wigs. These wigs are constructed using a very fine mesh to which the hair is affixed (particularly along the outer edges). This allows the hairpiece to be applied using a specially made adhesive to tack the mesh base to the scalp/skin and create the illusion of the hairs emerging from your scalp.
Lace front wigs give every woman an opportunity to have the hair they want to have and to have a natural look. And while these wigs are somewhat costly, with prices ranging from $400 and up (U.S. Dollars) depending upon the length of the wig and the manufacturer you choose to go with, they are considered by most to be the best choice in wigs for those who want an undetectable look. As with any product of this type, you will want to do your own homework and make your decisions based on what is available in your area compared to mail order via internet access.
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