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Transplanted Hair

Q: Is transplanted hair permanent or can I lose that hair, too, shortly after spending a fortune on hair transplants?
A: Well, depending on the specific cause of your hair loss, you could experience loss of transplanted hair. If the primary cause of your hair loss is as a result of dihydrotestosterone having an effect on the follicles in the scalp, you may find that the transplanted hair is affected in the same way as your naturally-placed hair.
Many of the varied hair transplantation procedures tout their success rates, but the specific cause of your hair loss is a question that is important to address when considering an expensive transplant procedure. Your surgeon should conduct a very detailed examination and evaluation of your scalp to determine your suitability for surgery. Even then, you need to ask tough questions and make sure he tells you all the things that could go wrong, as well as the problems that could occur even if things go right.
For instance, in the case of hair loss caused by levels of dihydrotestosterone, the newly-transplanted grafts could also be affected and then be lost. Even when the grafts are NOT affected, the other follicles that were in place originally can still undergo loss and create a patchy look. Then there are the grafts that simply don't take, and if there are enough of these, the results can be questionable.
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