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Illusion of Thicker Hair

Q: I'm a brunette with fine, wavy and somewhat dry hair. Since about 5 years ago, I've started losing it due to chronic anemia and stress. It's especially noticeable in the front hairline. Is there any hairstyle that can give the illusion of thicker hair?
A: Given your diagnosis of chronic anemia and stress, I will presume that you are under a doctor's care and that this hair loss will hopefully prove to be temporary. In the interim, you will want to maximize the appearance of the hair until the new growth comes in and you can resume a more-normal appearance to your hair.
My best advice is to consider adding more curl to your hairstyle in the top and forward areas of the head. I'm not necessarily advocating a very curly look, but the addition of more curl and some added layering to give an increase in volume will help the hair to look fuller. Try the look out with a simple wet set style and if you like the result, consider asking your stylist about an acid-perm which will also help add a little thickness to your hair's diameter and help increase the bulk.
Also, if your hair is a color that contrasts highly with your scalp, you might consider either A) softening the color of your hair, or B) using a cosmetic to make the scalp less notable through the hair. Be careful not to go overboard with either of these options, as both could appear clownish if executed improperly.
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