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Hormonal Imbalance & Hair Loss

Q: I'm 35 and have recently been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance. My testosterone levels are excessive resulting in my hair falling out to the point that I can't style it and you can almost see through to the scalp. While I am now being treated for this imbalance (my hair is still falling), can you tell me if my hair will recover and grow back to its original thickness and health. Thank you for your time.
A: I have only known one woman with a similar situation to the one you describe and her battle with hair loss took years to resolve. Her hair did eventually return to something like its previous density, but as I said it took years and years to reclaim.
I cannot even begin to make any guess as to what results your situation will have. First of all, I am not qualified to do so. Problems with the development of the hair and its growth are something that only a doctor can diagnose and treat. My expertise (and the expertise of any stylist) is limited to dealing with and caring for the hair after it emerges from the scalp.
You will want to discuss the prognosis and the expected progress from your treatment with your doctor and explain to him what your concerns are. I'm sure that he/she can help you understand exactly what you can expect as a result of your treatments, and timeframe in which the progress will occur.
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