Donor Hair

Hair transplant
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Q: When you are having a hair transplant, where does the donor hair come from?
A: In most modern hair transplants, the donor hair comes from the individual's own head. The hair in the denser regions – typically the sides and back areas of the head – is used as donor hair.
The hair is harvested in follicle clusters (multiple hair strands can grow from a single cluster) that have the follicles of the hair intact. These are transplanted into micro-incisions in the scalp area where the hair has become thin or fully lost.
It's important to remember that the amount of "donor hair" you have is finite. Part of what your surgeon will have to do is to evaluate the entire scalp and come up with a plan to best utilize the hair you have available to donate in order to maximize your results.
For this reason, hair transplantation surgery is generally better suited to men who have matured and whose hair loss pattern is well-established. Younger men experiencing early male pattern baldness generally undergo more dramatic hair loss and can run into problems after having transplantation too early.
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