Hair Coloring Problems Q&A (3)

Hair color tools and products
Is it possible to go back to blonde with a box of blonde hair color?
Is it really necessary to color my blonde hair red first before it is being colored brown?
Is it safe to keep my brunette hair colour?
Is it safe to use a product with developer after henna?
Is it true or a myth that if you dye red hair you will not get your natural red back?
Is my partly lighter hair color caused by genetics or lotions and soaps?
Is regular lift developer ok when coloring hair dark?
Is there a difference between salon colors and home colors?
Is there an at home product I can use to darken my hair color?
Is there something like a reactor to take my hair back to the natural color?
It seems to be impossible to color my gray hair. What are my options?
I want cinnamon red haircolor, but it's copper red. What should I do?
I wanted a Marilyn Monroe or Kim Novak white and now my hair looks yellow.
I wanted to dye my brown hair blonde and it came out reddish-orange. What went wrong?
I want to go to light-to-medium brown and add highlights but I don't want it to go copper.
I want to use colorfix to strip out the color of my hair. Is this safe to do?
I was thinking of dying my hair blue. Is this too risky?
My artificial color is coming out too red. Is it my stylist's issue?
My colored gray hair becomes light brown with almost an orange tint. Why?
My complexion turned pink because of my new hair color. I'm a carrot top. Any suggestions?
My hair always turns a reddish color after a dye. Why?
My hair color slides off, around the outline of my face. What can I do?
My hair has a huge amount of static after coloring it. What can I do?
My hair has been dyed so much that now it won't dye. How about color-stripping?
My hair is showing signs of greenish hue. What can be done about it?
My hair is turning orange and I don't know what to do.
My hair looks gray silver after adding silver toner to my blonde hair.
My hair looks yellow. It was brown and I decided to go blonde. What happened?
My hair won't absorb any color after using henna natural hair dye.
My hairstylist said she could not make my hair blonde again because it has no pigment of its own.
My intense red hair color faded and I want to go back to my natural brown.
My niece's hair is dry and ratty after too much coloring, bleaching and highlighting.
My reddish brown hair is too dark. How can I lighten it?
My scalp is red and irritated after getting my gray colored.
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