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Cinnamon Red Haircolor

Q: I recently colored my hair with a red copper, but what I want is a bold "cinnamon" red. Being that my hair is a more muted red, can I put a more vibrant red color over it without lifting it? Even a vibrant hue would do.
A: Well, you need to remember that unless you lighten the hair to disperse some of the existing color, all you are going to do by adding even more intense reds is to deepen and darken the pigment. You may need to lift the existing color at least a few shades before adding the additional red color in order to get the shade you want.
A good suggestion is to look at the haircolor kits that offer the shade of red that you want on the packaging, and look on the package for the sample photos of starting hair color shades. Most color products that come in kits show photos that have the shades of hair color that are suggested for use to achieve the color desired. Colors that are darker than the recommended shades will tend to be deeper and richer shades, while lighter shades than those recommended will tend to result in brighter, more vibrant colors.
So, evaluate the color you currently have, and if the shade you want is brighter, you may want to lift the hair color a little before using a new red color, or you will want to use a color that contains a high-lift developer formula.
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