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Hair Color Reactor

Q: I had my hair dyed last night with a semi-permanent color and I was told that it would be a chocolate brown color and it has come out black. Is there any way that I can have this taken out? I heard that there is this thing called a reactor that can take the color back to my natural color. Is this true? Please help. I hate the color!
A: I am unfamiliar with a product called a reactor, but there are products available for removing semi-permanent haircolor. These products are generally safe, and can be found in your local beauty supply store.
Be sure to do a strand test, and patch test before doing anything to your whole head. You want to A) make sure that you are not sensitive to the product, and B) that it won't strip away your natural color as well. (These products generally don't harm the natural color, but depending on the condition of your hair, could cause some color change.)
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